Monday, May 23, 2011

David Bedella

Known as: American actor.

Known for:
- His stage roles, including Satan in Jerry Springer - The Opera and Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show.

Know more:
- Wikipedia page
- Internet Movie Database page
- Internet Broadway Database page
- Official Facebook page


  1. You sir are an Idiot. Frank N Furter was played by Tim Curry who is also known as Nigel Thornberry. If you did not know this basic bit of information, which takes but 5 seconds to search, then you indeed, need help.

    1. You dolt. He's not talking about the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he's talking about the stage play The Rocky Horror Show.

  2. No "sir", you are an idiot. More than one person has played Frank N. Furter in multiple productions of the stage musical "The Rocky Horror Show". Surely you know that the movie, titled "The Rocky Horror PICTURE Show" (which starred Tim Curry as Frank), is based on a stage musical, or did you yourself not perform that handy 5 second tip you mentioned to look that one up?

  3. Yes. That is the truth. I just saw David Bedella play Frank N Furter in "Rocky Horror LIVE". The stage production was broadcast on BBC America at Midnight, October 18, 2015. They will repeat this program Sunday, October 25 at 11:00pm and again on Halloween I think at stroke of midnight (as you leave the 30th day). Now about his sexual preference. One source says he is hetrosexual. But other sources on the internet say he is gay. Maybe he is bi. Not even on nor wikipedia will it mention if he has a spouse, a partner, not even a relationship. What i do admire him for is how young he looks in his 50's. He must take a youth pill or has a fountain of youth in his backyard.


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