Monday, November 10, 2008

Robert Mapplethorpe

Known as: American photographer.

Known for:
- His celebrity portraits and controversial black and white photographs of male nudes.

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  1. The QuOD - The Queer Online Database: Robert Mapplethorpe

    Please visit my free gay history research site where my goal is to keep alive my bicoastal lover Robert Mapplethorpe and dozens of other artists and personalities, such as Oscar-Streaker Robert Opel, and the sex and art salon around "Drummer" magazine in which I gave Mapplethorpe his first magazine cover in 1978.

    In fact, I have published the entire text of my new 2008 book "Gay San Francisco" in a series of completely "free and green pdfs" so that everyone all the time can have access to the information.

    Call me crazy, even though the paperback "Gay San Francisco" at 732 pages is available at Enjoy. Thanks.